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Intentions vs. Goals

Within and across the intention groups, and working with intentions, we recognize how intentions are not necessarily the same as goals. Both approaches to achieving what you desire are helpful throughout the intention or goal setting process. There are compelling similarities, and differences that offer perspective on which direction is more fitting for your situation, type of change or accomplishment, purpose, and desired outcome.

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What do intentions and goals have in common?

They both:

  • Arise from the desire to shift, change or improve an aspect of your life.
  • Are a reflection of a person’s morals, values, passions, and personal attributes.
  • Are driven by purpose, motivation, and energy.
  • Typically utilize visualization, list making, strategies, and more as methods to envision what one desires.
  • Support and inspiration from spirit, spiritual, or religious affiliations or connections, may be apart of the process, but that is not required.
  • An outcome or desired effect exist for both an intention and a goal.
  • The goal or intention setter is committed, and focuses on success, achievement, and resolution.

How do intentions and goals differ?

  • Goals have deadlines.
  • Goals are used to measure progress toward achievements and specific results.
  • Goals have definitive steps you can follow to achieve your specific goal.
  • The goal steps are re-producible, logical, and uniform. Checking items off a “things to do” list is common for obtaining goals.
  • Goals originate from asking how, when and where questions.
  • Intentions include steps that are often revealed as the intention unfolds, and as it comes into materialization and manifestation.
  • Intention incorporates trusting in the “process.”
  • The intention process encourages being detached to specific pre-planned steps to achieve the outcome.
  • Intentions come to fruition organically, and there is less focus on how it will evolve.
  • Intentions are derived from the deeper why you desire what you do.