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Reflecting & Propelling Forward

The end of the year, and the end of each month offers an opportunity to go within, reflect, and contemplate your growth. Take inventory of your successes, your progress, and observe where you could have improved. What did you learn about yourself this year? What did you learn from others? About your perceived limits, or where you surpassed your expectations, and doubts? What strengths were illuminated or showcased? What intentions received focus, and how does that relate to what showed up this year? Where can you grow from this new perspective?


As you reflect, question, and take inventory of 2016, remember to be gentle with yourself as insights reveal. Remember to also appreciate yourself for everything you have accomplished, from the small and subtle shifts, and gifts, to the brighter, and more grandiose moments of discovery. Use your mistakes, lessons, and where you may feel you fell short, to serve as a catalyst for your personal growth. Use all of this as a continued reminder that it’s ok to be a work in progress as you hone, develop, and refine who you are. Use your past experiences, and current insights to propel your future decisions, choices, and your ever evolving, and unfolding path, and self. Make a commitment to yourself to have compassion for where you are, what you have overcome, and become. Practice self-love. Embody the confidence that you are able to create your visions for your incredible future from each moment starting from right now.

As I reflect on this past year, I am tempted to not give myself credit or acknowledge what I have created, and magnetized. At first, I found myself being hard on myself for not creating more, or completing the projects and books that I had hoped to finish. Focusing on what I have manifested, and being kinder to myself serves me much better! The truth is I am a visionary spirit with an abundance of ideas, and energy, sitting on a palate of possibilities ready to unfurl my creative rockets. Another truth: when I am inspired, and work from this heart-centered place, I am in a much better creative flow zone, and more productive. Moving forward on my path is happening step by step, even if the steps are tiny some days, weeks, and months.


I am also working part-time, and manage a family with two children. If I cloned myself 3x, and had a personal assistant, I’m not certain I would have fulfilled my high expectations for this year given how much I want to positively impact, and inspire others!

However, my authentic self recognizes that this past year was productive, and I did create movement, and continued to move forward with building my intention work business, and I am exactly where I need to be – even when I feel frustrated that everything I set out to do is not quite done yet :)! I’m wired to be driven, yet need to also have self-compassion that I am doing my very best, and honor all my efforts.

To highlight a few accomplishments in 2016, I started three new in-person intention groups, wrapped up one group that met for a year, began a second year cycle for another group, and developed a 60 page intention workbook that outlines the first year cycle, and another 40 page workbook for the second year cycle. The groups continue to gain traction, and with connections and referrals, another intention group is forming to begin in January 2017, and a Healer’s Circle is in progress. I also hosted two successful and well attended Healing Arts Networking Events this year. Lastly, I adapted the intention group themes and created a self-study, beginner e-course series, “Awaken & Magnetize Your Intentions” with an option for intention mentorship and coaching that will launch in January 2017.

This past year has enabled me to marinate and brew fresh ideas, collaborate on upcoming projects, and be thoughtful of what offerings would benefit the community I serve the most. Stepping out in a grander way, and stepping more into this intention work and path more fully has magnetized in ways I had not anticipated. Below are just some business projects I am working on. Would love to hear from you if you’re interested in collaborating, or are interested in helping me spread the word!

For those of you who are not familiar with the groups I guide, for the last seven years, I have facilitated several women’s intention groups on a small island in the Pacific Northwest. I’m also offering private coaching both in-person, and remotely. Currently, I lead four active intention groups, with a few “retired” groups.

What’s new & upcoming?

  • An “Awaken & Magnetize Your Intentions” e-course for participants out of the area, or who prefer self-study with support. (The first e-course will include 6 modules based on themes, some audio/video, downloadable worksheets, an option for coaching sessions and other add-on’s, and access to an online community).
  • A new Facebook “Author, Intention Facilitator, and Intention Coach” page dedicated to my business endeavors. Find the link here:
  • Launching soon! A podcast related to intention, transformation, interviews, and more. Ideas welcome on a title!!
  • “Awakening Wisdom” book (Using my “aortic dissection/aneurysm and open-heart emergency” as the foundation for a self-help book on using wake up calls for transformation, growth & opportunity)
  • “Awakening Stories to Uplift, Inspire, and Heal” book (A compilation of those who have also experienced major wake up calls, and how they have used their situation to heal, transform, and grow). Working title.
  • Plans to partner with like-minded personal development & wellness oriented friends to create other classes, workshops, retreats, etc.
  • Private intention coaching sessions
Over the last few years, I’ve had the honor and pleasure to step more into coaching and consulting for artists, healers, small businesses, and writers. It is very important to me for women to not only pursue their dreams, and intentions, but to fulfill them. Living an authentic life, and combining passion with innate skills, and talents can be achieved. (My work is also not limited to just women and intention work).
If you’re interested in supporting me on my path of empowering others, here’s how can you help:
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  • Open to ideas!
With deep appreciation for you!
Thank you, thank you!
Melissa Curtin
Intention Group Facilitator / Intention Coach
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Expansion and Growth

I’ve been a little quiet on the blog front, so I hope you didn’t miss me too much :). Thank you for being patient. More regular posts to come! Lots of projects marinating, with new endeavors taking root, and moving ahead. When I set my own intentions, one area of focus was to expand my business and offerings. In my next blog post, I will elaborate more on what’s brewing on my end. Stay tuned!

Contemplating my own expansion emerged a new intention theme of Expansion and Growth. This theme was inspired by, and created for the Business Intention and Goals’ Group (BIGG) I facilitate.   imagesExpansion is…opening UP to possibilities. Opening TO possibilities. Possibilities lead to expansion; not just for your business, but for yourself on a personal spiritual development level.

What does expansion mean to you personally? On a business/ career front? Or applied to other areas? Here’s what comes to mind for me. Maybe some will resonate with you.

Opening up to possibilities

Tapping into your full potential

Stepping up/ Stepping out

Spreading wings

Expanding beyond the horse blinders

Surrendering to the unknown, but also to the excitement of what’s to come

More options for what’s possible

Casting a wider net

Reaching more people

Having a greater impact

Serving more

More visibility

Being seen/ heard

Dreams fulfilled

Living without limits

Freedom to explore more of yourself

Part of Merriam-Webster’s dictionary definition of expansion includes: economic expansion, and expansion of the universe.’s definition: expansion occurs “usually due to heating” – for our purposes, we could think in terms of “passion” or “fire under our asses” and “what are you cooking up?” or “what are you fired up to do?”

Expansion Synonyms – grow, expand, swell, outgrow, mature, double. From the Latin name that means “spreading out.”

When you think of things that are expansive, what comes to mind? For me, it’s nature; the sky, water, trees, and spaciousness; space (outer space), the horizon, and consciousness.

EXPANSION also means risk; being willing to risk more, being more vulnerable to fully embody who you are, and who you are becoming. Being willing to explore more of you, more skills/talents, and open up to new experiences and opportunities – as you are ready and willing to do so.

When you’re expanding you are…

Stretching beyond where you were before

Out of comfort zone, stretching and expanding your comfort zone

Out of box (self-placed)

Moving through obstacles, blocks, fears, hurdles, limits – beyond what is possible – dreaming in an expansive way.

images-3       images-4

There are lots of catalysts and tools for expansion and growth. Mind Maps are one way of showing potential possibilities. Read my previous blog post on Mind Maps:

When you are in this expansive and growth mindset, share out loud or write down your excitement for the ways in which you desire to expand personally, professionally, and spiritually. Let your imagination and possibilities extend beyond your comfort zone, current reality, and perceived limits. This is a helpful tool to feel energized and embody the feelings you desire to create from bringing in an element of fun, and excitement for what’s to come. Approaching your intentions from an expansion and growth launching zone is empowering and helpful to broaden your perspective.

Exercise #1: Verbally share outloud to yourself, or to a trusted friend/partner, or write down your responses

My business is…

My dreams are expanding in ways I hadn’t imagined…

Growth is apparent by what I am experiencing…I love how…It is remarkable how…

I am attracting perfect clients…

My financial health is flourishing, and increasing…

My intention surrounding this area is growing, and positively expanding in these ways…

Exercise #2: What are a few ways you can expand your business and/or yourself from a personal development or personal improvement, and wellness approach? Where can you step your toe into the greater pond of possibilities? Where can you go deeper, broader, and bigger?

Are you allowing yourself, and your business to expand beyond its current borders? If so, are you experiencing growing pains from stretching yourself? Many of us have “stretch marks” from these growing pains :). Is there an area where you feel timid, uneasy, hesitant, fearful, or stuck? Observe, spend some time working through the belief, or feeling that may be limiting you, and steer through with ease, honesty, and gentleness.

Use where you imagine yourself going as your North Star, your compass, and allow it to navigate and direct your way to expansion that serves you, your purpose and a fulfilling life!images-1

If you’re interested in inspiration, personal development, learning more about what I’m up to, or keeping in touch, I would love for you to subscribe to my website.

Thanks very much!

Authenticity: A magnet for intentions


Integrating authenticity with intention work feels relevant on many levels, especially on a heart core level. As you focus on your intentions, yourself, and excavate away your limiting beliefs, your fears, your doubts, expunge what does not serve you, and clear the path for alignment, what’s at the core? When all this interference is peeled away, you are left with your authentic self. Your truth. Your pure essence. Exploring the relationship between authenticity, truth, and intentions, provides another avenue for self-awareness and inner connection. 

images-8Across my groups, I asked, “What does authenticity mean to you?” A variety of answers ranging from “your own truth, to a reflection of who you are, to full self-acceptance,” and more circulated the room.  Authenticity is being true to who you are, and offering your unique essence to others. It’s taking ownership for and the expression of the real you. It’s also being comfortable with embodying your true/innate self and full essence as you navigate through your self-discovery. This is a natural passage to living with integrity, living in authenticity, and being aligned with who you are.


As you emanate your authentic self more and more fully, you may also experience a greater sense of self-connection, clarity and alignment with your intentions. This results in a greater sense of freedom and confidence to ask for what you really want in your life based on your authentic self. There is empowerment in deliberately choosing your path by defining and redefining what you want, based on who you are, — as your authentic self. It makes for a more heartfelt practice when you pursue what you deeply desire to create, and explore your intentions. When you are aligned to your authentic self, you become a pulsing magnet for your intentions to materialize.


Within my groups, I shared a personal experience where I turned down a job opportunity for a role I was qualified for, and one that I would be capable of doing. Given a red flag interaction, me being in my truth, and paying attention to messages and signs, it became clear that just because I would be good for the job doesn’t mean it would have been good for me, or my growth from this new place of awareness. Empowered, I was able to confidently make a decision that was best for my broader vision and intention around magnetizing fulfilling work, without compromising myself in the process. In the Law of Attraction and intention focused approaches and communities, we often use the phrase, “this or better.” This is one of those examples of waiting for “better,” or creating better for myself. Sometimes things will come our way “fast and furiously,” but we don’t have to accept it just because we have an intention around it. It may not be right or feel right for our authentic self and that’s ok!

At an intention group meeting, I discussed how as you align, energy and things will often begin to flow more quickly, but to also be conscious of what is coming in, and carefully choose. Just because the opportunity was in alignment with my intention, scope of work, and desire to step into similar work — the ultimate way it was presented with “true colors” shown early on, vividly illustrated it was not really the best fit. It comes down to choice, living as your authentic self, and the decisions you make along the way that align or misalign you. Be watchful for choices that bring you closer to your truth and authenticity, versus choices that distract, or pull you from your truth and authentic self.


A Kundalini yoga mantra that seemed appropriate for authenticity is: “Sat Nam” – The definition is “Truth is my name” or “Truth is my identity.” There are several videos on YouTube if you’re interested in learning more. Be your authentic self. Be in your truth. Align to who you are. Align to your intentions and magnetize them!


It’s all about perspective!


“Perspective” was an illuminating theme created for the intention groups as another way to explore an expanded version of how we perceive our current situations, and where we consciously place our focus. As a filmmaker, writer, researcher, and former video editor, what I choose to focus on affects everything from concept through the final outcome or product. Applying this lens to intention work, there is a relationship between intentions, perspective and outcomes. Navigating “perspective” offers a unique angle, focal point and another layer to examining your intentions and provides a new way to “see” them, your self and your process.

Here are some questions to consider:

What do you perceive as truth, reality or illusion based on who you are? What about in your daily life? What perceptions do you have around your intentions? What are some factors that influence your perspective? What shapes your perspective?

30aaf8f7     images-15

There are a variety of influences including, yet not constrained by our past experiences, others’ opinions, our perceived limits, our current story, and more. You can create your own list based on your life experiences. Below is a framework (pun intended) to apply perspective to intentions.

The lens we look through as individuals/ viewers and how we receive/distort what we “see”: PERSONAL FILTER

The angle/ perspective we choose to see: CHOICE to include/exclude

What we choose to focus on (inner or external landscape): FOCUS of what’s in our frame or shot

Based on our physical position, health (vision/wellness), situation and circumstances, level of awareness, consciousness, what’s known & what’s uncertain: Current level of AWARENESS

Our actual intent, intention, goal, vision and dream: INTENTION

All affect our literal perspective and imagined, perceived perspective/reality. All code our “story,” our unique process, the “illusion”, our truths, beliefs, perceived limits, perception or expectation of outcome. In the intention groups, there was a lively discussion about how our perspective and perceptions influence our intentional process.

Here are a handful of images I collected from a longer slideshow I created which further illustrates “perspective.” The main idea was to show there are an abundance of ways, angles, shots, viewpoints, focal and magnification points – whether near sighted or far sighted, close up, wide angled or narrow focus, micro or macro lens or with an extra pulled out view, and everything infinitely in between and beyond.

images-2 drop reflection images-3  imgres-3  imgres-2   images-5

What perspectacles are you wearing today? How does that shape what you desire, what you see, and how well you are keeping possibilities open to what you want, or the potential outcomes? How does how you perceive your intentions and life in general, possibly limit or constrict available options? What do you showcase or illuminate around your life and intentions based on your current perspective?


The Art of Setting Intentions All Year Round


images-2The New Year is commonly the time of year where many resolve themselves to goals, making changes, and raising the bar of happiness and fulfillment in their lives. Starting fresh at the New Year to mark a launching point for desires, dreams and wishes is traditional. The auspicious year often begins with the commitment to improve, and successfully shift and change the areas of life most needing attention.

For some, sticking to resolutions and goals works beautifully and effortlessly. The benefits of willpower and ambitious efforts result in success and achievement. And for others, once they drift from their desired goals and signs of quasi-commitment surface, often the level of interest to change and improve, fades and dissolves.  Loving yourself regardless whether you obtain the goal, adhere to your resolution or manifest your intention is an important factor to successful outcomes.

One of the reasons the intention circles I facilitate meet all year round is to keep the momentum of success continual, and level of commitment to one’s self and intentions energizing and alive. Any time of year, season, month or day is a welcomed opportunity to decide what needs improving in one’s life. Through this process of determining and asking for what you want with regularity, you honor yourself. You honor the deepest part of yourself that is yearning for transformation and change. Honoring yourself by focusing on your intentions is a form of self love.

imgres-1       IMG_1382-300x300

My most treasured intentions are the ones that I create and nurture all year round. When giving your intentions consistent attention, they become a direct reflection of what it is you most dream of magnetizing in your life. There is an art to keeping your intentions, wishes, desires and dreams alive throughout the year. Like any art form, practice is key. Keeping your intentions top of consciousness, in view or easily accessible helps maintain your focus. When your intentions become integrated into your everyday existence, the intentions become more multi-dimensional. Associating feelings, texture and positive sensations with your intentions also aid in enhancing their energetic field of potentiality.

There are several intentions tools, techniques and ideas available to help you master the art of intention setting all year round. Your first step is recognizing and gaining clarity of what you would like to create in your life. From there, any moment in every day has immense potential for cultivating the inspiration to set your intentions whether it’s the New Year or not.

Here’s to fulfilled intentions and realized dreams every day!




Sacred Space

“Sacred Space” was a recent theme across my women’s intention groups and how that connects to our intention work.

Sacred Space” exists everywhere, within our selves, within our intention groups, and externally in physical spaces. Beginning with the intention circles,  sacred space is created each month by forming a trustworthy, safe container for our intentions where everyone is fully supported, and held energetically with high integrity. We are held both within our group, and by our group, even when we are not physically present. Here is one of the passages I read during the groups from, Medicine for the Earth by Sandra Ingerman. She expressed that miracles happen when there is a strong container for the group because everyone “can feel safe in opening up to the power of love.” Her definition of power I also shared with the groups: “Power is the ability to use energy.” Just by meeting together, we create another sacred energy, “an energy of “change, transformation and healing.” This new energy that emerges is how she defines “Sacred Space.”


Beyond the groups and integrating our intentions with “Sacred Space,” “Sacred Space” also translates to our physical surroundings, and external representation of our inner sacred space’s landscape we create in our homes, gardens, yards, trails, rooms, areas of a room, alters, shelves, bathtubs, or retreat spots. In each group, we explored the elements of what makes an external space sacred. The spectrum differed and ranged for each person, but there are commonalities such as a space that is peaceful, inviting, inspiring, welcoming, joyous, deliberate, clean and clear energy, relaxing, rejuvenating, etc. What does “Sacred Space” mean to you?

Where do you have a dedicated special area designated for contemplative or meditative activities? Creating this sacred space provides another energy area to attract what you desire, and reveals another perspective for your intention work. It is a place where you can merge with the sacred surrounding, and discover what you prefer to embody in your life. It is also a place where you can revisit your intentions and clarify your desires.
“Creating sacred space in our gardens makes a profound statement of intention– a proclamation about our connection to the world around us and how we live within it.” Elizabeth Murray, the author of Living in Full Bloom.
Multi-sensory items to consider adding to your space include: light (candle), essential oils, tarot cards, runes, symbols of Gods/Goddesses, deities, statues, incense, flowers, fruit, written mantras, stones (for grounding), sand, textile fabric, something sweet, a writing pad, your intentions, jewels or gems and more.
Sacred space exists within each of us, is our default retreat spot, and available anytime. You are your own portable sacred space container, your own “space-ship.” Practice recognizing your innate sacredness and start from within. Remember to keep your space whether inner, externalized, or within your dream or intention groups sacred towards your dreams and intentions, and not scared or from fear. Same letters, but it’s how you position the letters, and yourself when you approach your intentional sacred space. Be present in your Sacred Space and focus on your well-being and your intentions.
Your “om” work is to revisit your sacred spaces at home, or wherever they may be. Remember that “Sacred Space” is everywhere with no boundaries and it can be a dedicated location. Based on who you are now, what you have already manifested, your current intention focus, and what you desire to attract, — what will you add, remove or adjust in your space? If you do not yet have a designated space, create one or find one that brings you joy, peace and serenity.
Share your progress, and photos of your Sacred Space and I would be happy to post them here — especially if you are energized or experience a positive shift in your desired intention direction as a result of spending time in your Sacred Space and inspiring environment.

The Power of Group Intention

Participating in an intention group is powerful on many levels. In the three groups I guide, and the group I was in for seven years, there is nothing more inspiring than witnessing women realize and support their dreams in unity. There is an innate power as a collective that is undeniable. Combine the power and potential of groups with the influence and “moving mountains” energy of women, and you get the magnificent, amplified power of energized women in an intention group. Anything is possible and everything becomes possible.

It is a fact that geese flying in formation fly 72% farther and faster than geese that fly alone.


If we translate this idea of flying in formation to achieve better results to women’s groups, and especially intention groups, women who gather magnify their intentions by how many women are in the group. The intention energy is also compounded from the collective energy of the group during the gatherings. Connecting with one another in a positive supportive container, and focusing on what you are creating and attracting in your life adds momentum! Beyond the group dynamic, you have a built-in network of kindred spirits that hold your intentions and dreams, and carry your desires out into their spheres of influence and world.


This same principal of the power of group intention applies for broader reaching and global, planetary intentions. When energy is focused by a group and applied to a specific situation, problem or geographic region or area, an energetic shift is possible and can occur. Examples of this can be found at:  and also with Masuru Emoto’s fascinating work with water crystals. All of his books are wonderful! Check out:

Whether you participate in an organized intention group, or you have a created a dedicated women’s, dream, or visionary group to propel your intentions, dreams and desires, or you focus your energy towards a cause, or geographic region to heal, — you have chosen a powerful step to amplify your own energy towards creating an incredible life and magnetizing your intentions closer to you.

Living with intention

What comes to mind when you read or hear the expression, “Living with intention?” Certainly this is one of the overused, buzz phrases that gets tossed around when one dives into the topic of intention.


When you live with intention, you are often mindful, present, deliberate, conscious, and intend to live according to your values, dreams, hopes, desires, and overarching intentions you are embracing. You live with purpose, and bring purpose to your life, those you love, and the world.

Living with intention falls into the mindful living category. Many who are drawn to the intention groups have “lived with intention” and lead intentional lives, even if they have not deliberately ever “set an intention” or have previously experienced intentions in this way.

By simply having intention, declaring, creating, and setting an intention, you are bringing another layer to living with intention.

What is an intention?

When I launch a new intention group, defining what we mean by intention is essential. Understanding and specifying the words, language, and context we use within our intention work, is as important as the actual intentions, and process. Providing a baseline reference adds clarity, a deeper understanding of intention, and helps pave the course.

Let’s begin with the Mirriam-Webster Dictionary’s definition of INTENTION:

intention definition

The general intention definition above reads, “the thing that you plan to do or achieve; an aim or purpose” and #’s 1-3b directly apply for the scope of the intention groups. We focus on what we intend to bring about, and we design an intention around this purpose.

An intention is also a deliberate request you put forth as the result of a desire that percolates from inside you. Some have commented that an intention is like a “soulful goal.” This deeper part of you, your soul, or your higher self is often the catalyst for asking for what you crave to change, shift, bring in, and magnetize in your life.