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This blog site is dedicated for my inspirational work facilitating, and leading women’s intention groups. This space is primarily for providing educational information, insights, and helpful resources related to utilizing intention, mindfulness, and consciousness. My overall intention and framework is to positively impact and encourage the women in my groups, and beyond to follow, honor and their embrace dreams and trust their heart’s guidance.

My inspiration to lead women’s groups began from a magical group I participated in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1999. I was involved in this monthly intention circle for seven years. The women in the circle shared facilitating, hosting, and co-leading the meetings. The discussions were centered around creating the life you want and living with intention. Within this original group, I witnessed and experienced profound shifts, and incredible manifestations.

After departing the group, coupled with a life changing health wake up call, I was innerly guided to re-emerge, and re-connect with women from a deeper, inspirational level, and launch my own empowering groups in the Pacific Northwest where we relocated. My groups’ development, and expansion has organically grown over the past six years and it has been a fulfilling experience. From inspiration from that very first dream group, I have built upon, developed, and created my own unique themes, curriculum, and activities that deepen individual, and group intention work that reflect a heart-centered path. This guided process enhances one’s own personal development and spiritual development and journey.

Thank you for stopping by, and following my journey empowering women to dream bigger than they can imagine, accessing and applying the power of intention,  ~ while being held and supported by other amazing women in an intention group.

With appreciation,




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