Intention e-course is live!

Hurray!! Just finished the “Awaken & Magnetize Your Intentions” first e-course in the intention program series! It’s live and ready!

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 2.20.21 PM

Part one of the e-course series includes:
* The first 6 themes of the in-person intention group
* 30 minute intention coaching session
* On demand and downloadable audio files of all content
* Exploratory questions/activity worksheets
* “Intention Tracker” & “Insights and Notes” pages for themes
* A 3 page Intention Toolbox
* 2 live facilitated Q&A’s with other participants
* Bonuses!

* Use INSPIRE25 Promo code for 25% discount through April 30th
* If you are a current, or former Intention Group participant, and refer a friend, send me a message for more info.

Greatly appreciate if you help spread the word! Thank you!

*This foundational e-course is for individuals. The “How to Start Your Own Intention Group/ Manifesting Circle” program will be launched soon!



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