Applying “Trust the Process” to Intentions


It’s common on an intention journey to have others utter, “Trust the process.” That phrase is embedded in our supportive language. Kind, and helpful gesture, yes, but, “trusting the process” runs many layers deeper, holds more meaning, and reaches farther from my experience. Trusting the process, and trusting that your intention seeds will come into fruition is a sliver of the process. “Trust the process” also includes the trust you have in yourself, or the trust that you are working on within yourself while you navigate the process of allowing things to align. Trusting the process is also tied to surrendering to how your intentions will materialize and what it will “look like.” Trusting the larger vision, and broader picture for how it will be orchestrated, and woven together takes practice and patience.

“Trust the process” may also include:

(1)   Trusting yourself for knowing what you want and need, or trusting that through clarity, and insight, what you desire will be revealed to you when you are ready.

(2)   Trusting yourself to stay focused even when distractions present, or a different outcome shows up, or when you get discouraged and feel that something is not going to work out for you around your intention (doubt, fear, worry, panic, excuses, stress, what other people think and express).

(3)   Trusting that inner voice, your intuition, and the source in yourself that can step back and approach the intention from a broader sense.

(4)   Honoring the TRUST by creating a renewed relationship to trust yourself despite the past, what the reality is, or whether you are observing things from limited horse-blinder, narrow, or big picture viewpoint. Give a voice to the trust by using language that reflects it: “I believe it’s coming, without a doubt. It is, I AM…I trust it will all work out. It always works out for me. I am attracting this, or something better. I am creating from possibility, not from my limitations.”

(5) Trusting the process, and allowing whatever you are focusing on, and holding your vision for, to unfold in its own time, in its own way. Get out of the way! Let the process flow through you. Trust that the process is flowing, even if you are not noticing movement signs just yet.

Create an acrostic poem using the letters of TRUST. Design a word play, and a short mantra to illustrate your commitment to trusting yourself throughout your intention journey. Trusting the process is more than just a catch phrase, it is a way to move forward, and allow yourself, and your unique process, and path to effortlessly unfold.

Thanking my inner knowing for lighting this path

Remembering my intuition

Understanding I have all the answers within

Surrendering to my higher-self and connect with the divine

Turning to my heart


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