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It’s all about perspective!


“Perspective” was an illuminating theme created for the intention groups as another way to explore an expanded version of how we perceive our current situations, and where we consciously place our focus. As a filmmaker, writer, researcher, and former video editor, what I choose to focus on affects everything from concept through the final outcome or product. Applying this lens to intention work, there is a relationship between intentions, perspective and outcomes. Navigating “perspective” offers a unique angle, focal point and another layer to examining your intentions and provides a new way to “see” them, your self and your process.

Here are some questions to consider:

What do you perceive as truth, reality or illusion based on who you are? What about in your daily life? What perceptions do you have around your intentions? What are some factors that influence your perspective? What shapes your perspective?

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There are a variety of influences including, yet not constrained by our past experiences, others’ opinions, our perceived limits, our current story, and more. You can create your own list based on your life experiences. Below is a framework (pun intended) to apply perspective to intentions.

The lens we look through as individuals/ viewers and how we receive/distort what we “see”: PERSONAL FILTER

The angle/ perspective we choose to see: CHOICE to include/exclude

What we choose to focus on (inner or external landscape): FOCUS of what’s in our frame or shot

Based on our physical position, health (vision/wellness), situation and circumstances, level of awareness, consciousness, what’s known & what’s uncertain: Current level of AWARENESS

Our actual intent, intention, goal, vision and dream: INTENTION

All affect our literal perspective and imagined, perceived perspective/reality. All code our “story,” our unique process, the “illusion”, our truths, beliefs, perceived limits, perception or expectation of outcome. In the intention groups, there was a lively discussion about how our perspective and perceptions influence our intentional process.

Here are a handful of images I collected from a longer slideshow I created which further illustrates “perspective.” The main idea was to show there are an abundance of ways, angles, shots, viewpoints, focal and magnification points – whether near sighted or far sighted, close up, wide angled or narrow focus, micro or macro lens or with an extra pulled out view, and everything infinitely in between and beyond.

images-2 drop reflection images-3  imgres-3  imgres-2   images-5

What perspectacles are you wearing today? How does that shape what you desire, what you see, and how well you are keeping possibilities open to what you want, or the potential outcomes? How does how you perceive your intentions and life in general, possibly limit or constrict available options? What do you showcase or illuminate around your life and intentions based on your current perspective?