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Sacred Space

“Sacred Space” was a recent theme across my women’s intention groups and how that connects to our intention work.

Sacred Space” exists everywhere, within our selves, within our intention groups, and externally in physical spaces. Beginning with the intention circles,  sacred space is created each month by forming a trustworthy, safe container for our intentions where everyone is fully supported, and held energetically with high integrity. We are held both within our group, and by our group, even when we are not physically present. Here is one of the passages I read during the groups from, Medicine for the Earth by Sandra Ingerman. She expressed that miracles happen when there is a strong container for the group because everyone “can feel safe in opening up to the power of love.” Her definition of power I also shared with the groups: “Power is the ability to use energy.” Just by meeting together, we create another sacred energy, “an energy of “change, transformation and healing.” This new energy that emerges is how she defines “Sacred Space.”


Beyond the groups and integrating our intentions with “Sacred Space,” “Sacred Space” also translates to our physical surroundings, and external representation of our inner sacred space’s landscape we create in our homes, gardens, yards, trails, rooms, areas of a room, alters, shelves, bathtubs, or retreat spots. In each group, we explored the elements of what makes an external space sacred. The spectrum differed and ranged for each person, but there are commonalities such as a space that is peaceful, inviting, inspiring, welcoming, joyous, deliberate, clean and clear energy, relaxing, rejuvenating, etc. What does “Sacred Space” mean to you?

Where do you have a dedicated special area designated for contemplative or meditative activities? Creating this sacred space provides another energy area to attract what you desire, and reveals another perspective for your intention work. It is a place where you can merge with the sacred surrounding, and discover what you prefer to embody in your life. It is also a place where you can revisit your intentions and clarify your desires.
“Creating sacred space in our gardens makes a profound statement of intention– a proclamation about our connection to the world around us and how we live within it.” Elizabeth Murray, the author of Living in Full Bloom.
Multi-sensory items to consider adding to your space include: light (candle), essential oils, tarot cards, runes, symbols of Gods/Goddesses, deities, statues, incense, flowers, fruit, written mantras, stones (for grounding), sand, textile fabric, something sweet, a writing pad, your intentions, jewels or gems and more.
Sacred space exists within each of us, is our default retreat spot, and available anytime. You are your own portable sacred space container, your own “space-ship.” Practice recognizing your innate sacredness and start from within. Remember to keep your space whether inner, externalized, or within your dream or intention groups sacred towards your dreams and intentions, and not scared or from fear. Same letters, but it’s how you position the letters, and yourself when you approach your intentional sacred space. Be present in your Sacred Space and focus on your well-being and your intentions.
Your “om” work is to revisit your sacred spaces at home, or wherever they may be. Remember that “Sacred Space” is everywhere with no boundaries and it can be a dedicated location. Based on who you are now, what you have already manifested, your current intention focus, and what you desire to attract, — what will you add, remove or adjust in your space? If you do not yet have a designated space, create one or find one that brings you joy, peace and serenity.
Share your progress, and photos of your Sacred Space and I would be happy to post them here — especially if you are energized or experience a positive shift in your desired intention direction as a result of spending time in your Sacred Space and inspiring environment.