The Power of Group Intention

Participating in an intention group is powerful on many levels. In the three groups I guide, and the group I was in for seven years, there is nothing more inspiring than witnessing women realize and support their dreams in unity. There is an innate power as a collective that is undeniable. Combine the power and potential of groups with the influence and “moving mountains” energy of women, and you get the magnificent, amplified power of energized women in an intention group. Anything is possible and everything becomes possible.

It is a fact that geese flying in formation fly 72% farther and faster than geese that fly alone.


If we translate this idea of flying in formation to achieve better results to women’s groups, and especially intention groups, women who gather magnify their intentions by how many women are in the group. The intention energy is also compounded from the collective energy of the group during the gatherings. Connecting with one another in a positive supportive container, and focusing on what you are creating and attracting in your life adds momentum! Beyond the group dynamic, you have a built-in network of kindred spirits that hold your intentions and dreams, and carry your desires out into their spheres of influence and world.


This same principal of the power of group intention applies for broader reaching and global, planetary intentions. When energy is focused by a group and applied to a specific situation, problem or geographic region or area, an energetic shift is possible and can occur. Examples of this can be found at:  and also with Masuru Emoto’s fascinating work with water crystals. All of his books are wonderful! Check out:

Whether you participate in an organized intention group, or you have a created a dedicated women’s, dream, or visionary group to propel your intentions, dreams and desires, or you focus your energy towards a cause, or geographic region to heal, — you have chosen a powerful step to amplify your own energy towards creating an incredible life and magnetizing your intentions closer to you.


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