What is an intention?

When I launch a new intention group, defining what we mean by intention is essential. Understanding and specifying the words, language, and context we use within our intention work, is as important as the actual intentions, and process. Providing a baseline reference adds clarity, a deeper understanding of intention, and helps pave the course.

Let’s begin with the Mirriam-Webster Dictionary’s definition of INTENTION:

intention definition

The general intention definition above reads, “the thing that you plan to do or achieve; an aim or purpose” and #’s 1-3b directly apply for the scope of the intention groups. We focus on what we intend to bring about, and we design an intention around this purpose.

An intention is also a deliberate request you put forth as the result of a desire that percolates from inside you. Some have commented that an intention is like a “soulful goal.” This deeper part of you, your soul, or your higher self is often the catalyst for asking for what you crave to change, shift, bring in, and magnetize in your life.


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