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Release or focus on the intention?

A question arose whether one should release the intention or focus on it constantly for it to manifest. There is no concrete or rigid answer or any shoulds. Both approaches are effective, and beneficial. There are other methods to consider as well. You can approach your intentions either way, and experiment with what works best for you and your style. You may find combining both releasing, and putting your focused attention on your intentions to be helpful, or depending on your intention, you may have a preference.

After setting your intention, one method is to let go, and release your intention into the ethers, and universe, and allow it to materialize and magnetize towards you. Write it, speak it, share it, and know, feel and sense it is done and complete. Surrender, sit back and wait –without entering the doubt zone.


Some prefer to focus on their desired intentions throughout the day, weekly, and dedicate time and space each day to zoom in, and put dedicated attention on their intentions. You could do visualizations, free write, mantras, affirmations, or frequently bring positive mindfulness to your intentions in a ritualistic way. The Law of Attraction demonstrates that what you focus on shows up in your life. “Energy flows where attention goes.” What is top of consciousness, and part of what’s on your mind is often what you will notice and attract in your life.


Both paths offer value, but ultimately releasing your intention, and letting go is part of the intention process. We can ask, and have laser focus for what we want. Our job is also to get out of the way, and let the universe, your guides, your Source connection, and higher self assist in the process. Allowing whatever you intend to enter your life is also a large part of the journey.


Getting quiet, going within

From my personal intention endeavors, and from guiding intention groups, intentions rise from within, and roll to the surface for attention, cultivation, and energy. Some intentions are louder, and more pressing than others.  The intentions you allow to rise up, and emerge are reflected by what is important to you in a given moment or life phase.

There are also dreams and visions that are present all along that rest deep within. While they may seem dormant, they are percolating, bubbling, and waiting for you to listen to what is coming through. It may feel like a tug, an inner nudge, or call for a change, or shift. You may feel the desire to ask for something better, and different from your current perceived reality.


Creating the opportunity to slow down enough to pause, and enjoy the quiet can be challenging at first, but rewarding. Discovering the space, and allowing yourself time to be quiet, or meditate, can be effortless, and easy. Getting quiet, and going within can occur in a moment and brief sliver of time. No complexities, complications or reservations needed.

When you go within,  you don’t have to go without your dreams and intentions. They are right there within you. Getting quiet, and going within serves your heart, your intentions, and is a step towards accessing your broader dreams. Will you take a moment for yourself, get quiet, and tap in?


Expressing your desires

By expressing your desires, you honor your dreams, and salute your visions. You are creating a pathway for them to travel with your expression and intent.

Declaring what you want whether verbally, in written form, through art, music, creativity, or in thought is a powerful first step to manifesting what you wish and deeply desire.


Your intention is not simply just a wish to come true.  Your intention is a declaration deeply rooted in your greater vision. It is coupled with your beliefs, and your inner motivation to take responsibility for creating the life you imagine you are worth when you are asking.

Create the life you imagine

images-1           Begin now. Right now. Why? You are worth it and loved.

In this moment, make a commitment to  yourself to create the life you imagine. Why?

Creating the life you desire begins with you.

If you can imagine or dream it, it is possible.


Here’s one of my favorite quotes from Thoreau:


Creating the life you imagine from your intentions, dreams, and visionary spirit starts with:

  • Connection to your self, higher self, or source energy
  • Clarity for knowing what you want
  • Confidence to ask for what you want
  • Believing what you imagine is possible

Living with intention

What comes to mind when you read or hear the expression, “Living with intention?” Certainly this is one of the overused, buzz phrases that gets tossed around when one dives into the topic of intention.


When you live with intention, you are often mindful, present, deliberate, conscious, and intend to live according to your values, dreams, hopes, desires, and overarching intentions you are embracing. You live with purpose, and bring purpose to your life, those you love, and the world.

Living with intention falls into the mindful living category. Many who are drawn to the intention groups have “lived with intention” and lead intentional lives, even if they have not deliberately ever “set an intention” or have previously experienced intentions in this way.

By simply having intention, declaring, creating, and setting an intention, you are bringing another layer to living with intention.

Intentions vs. Goals

Within and across the intention groups, and working with intentions, we recognize how intentions are not necessarily the same as goals. Both approaches to achieving what you desire are helpful throughout the intention or goal setting process. There are compelling similarities, and differences that offer perspective on which direction is more fitting for your situation, type of change or accomplishment, purpose, and desired outcome.

intention3               verse           images

What do intentions and goals have in common?

They both:

  • Arise from the desire to shift, change or improve an aspect of your life.
  • Are a reflection of a person’s morals, values, passions, and personal attributes.
  • Are driven by purpose, motivation, and energy.
  • Typically utilize visualization, list making, strategies, and more as methods to envision what one desires.
  • Support and inspiration from spirit, spiritual, or religious affiliations or connections, may be apart of the process, but that is not required.
  • An outcome or desired effect exist for both an intention and a goal.
  • The goal or intention setter is committed, and focuses on success, achievement, and resolution.

How do intentions and goals differ?

  • Goals have deadlines.
  • Goals are used to measure progress toward achievements and specific results.
  • Goals have definitive steps you can follow to achieve your specific goal.
  • The goal steps are re-producible, logical, and uniform. Checking items off a “things to do” list is common for obtaining goals.
  • Goals originate from asking how, when and where questions.
  • Intentions include steps that are often revealed as the intention unfolds, and as it comes into materialization and manifestation.
  • Intention incorporates trusting in the “process.”
  • The intention process encourages being detached to specific pre-planned steps to achieve the outcome.
  • Intentions come to fruition organically, and there is less focus on how it will evolve.
  • Intentions are derived from the deeper why you desire what you do.

What is an intention?

When I launch a new intention group, defining what we mean by intention is essential. Understanding and specifying the words, language, and context we use within our intention work, is as important as the actual intentions, and process. Providing a baseline reference adds clarity, a deeper understanding of intention, and helps pave the course.

Let’s begin with the Mirriam-Webster Dictionary’s definition of INTENTION:

intention definition

The general intention definition above reads, “the thing that you plan to do or achieve; an aim or purpose” and #’s 1-3b directly apply for the scope of the intention groups. We focus on what we intend to bring about, and we design an intention around this purpose.

An intention is also a deliberate request you put forth as the result of a desire that percolates from inside you. Some have commented that an intention is like a “soulful goal.” This deeper part of you, your soul, or your higher self is often the catalyst for asking for what you crave to change, shift, bring in, and magnetize in your life.

The Intention Group Journey

The original women’s group, “Visions in Eight” or VIE that I participated in from 1999 for seven years, served as an incredible inspiration, spark, and launching pad for this enriching journey leading women’s intention groups.

After many of life’s twists, sharp turns, and a full on stop, including a dramatic health emergency three weeks after I delivered my second child in April 2008, it was time to reawaken, and rediscover my purpose here on this lovely planet. This wake up call brought me to examine my deepest desires, passions, every aspect of my life, and open to my life’s purpose at a deeper, profound level.

Early on during this transformational process, I craved deep connections with women, desired to empower them to dream, and help inspire them to connect with creating the life they imagine. Appreciating my original women’s group, and how connected, and supported I felt during that time, it was evident I needed to redirect myself, create my own support system, and inspire others.

As a natural networker and connecter, I invited and attracted conscious, powerful, visionary women within my circle of magnificent friends to join my first round of women’s intention groups. While this original intention circle has morphed, and added new participants, we have journeyed together for over four years. It has been a pleasure and honor to witness these women step up for what they want to create in their lives. I applaud each of them for embracing their dreams, visions and intentions.

Sharing part of that meaningful journey with you, and the fabulous women currently in my two other monthly intention groups, inspires me! Here’s to you magnetizing the life you imagine through mindfulness, intention, creativity and living consciously.

With love & appreciation,